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Detroit Satellite TV Provider: Apartments & Condos | S&S Broadband - tvTelevision Tenacity: Stay Up-to-Date with Your Shows through DIRECTV from S & S Broadband Services

Whether your tenants enjoy soap operas, sports, political news, or any other programming with regular updates, consistent television service is essential. The more reliable and flexible the service, the easier it will be to attract and retain residents. S & S Broadband Services is a satellite cable company offering apartment DIRECTV throughout the Metro Detroit area. We serve housing units of any size, allowing you to give all your tenants consistent television service at minimal cost or effort.

Why DIRECTV Dominates Standard Cable Companies

The higher the standards of television service in your building, the more satisfied and loyal your tenants will be. DIRECTV offers a far higher level of quality than standard cable, providing:

  • The ability to use as many as 8 TV's in each home, including those installed outdoors
  • Premium sports programming, including the NFL Sunday Ticket package
  • The option to connect multiple TVs without extra wires, reducing clutter and electrical dangers
  • Recommendations for shows to watch, so you never miss out on a program you’d love
  • Auto-recording options so you can catch every episode of your favorite programs, no matter how busy you are

As a satellite company with extensive experience in Southeastern Michigan, S & S Broadband Services will provide all these advantages to your tenants. You can rest assured that no one in your building will want for quality entertainment.

DIRECTV Service Features

Detroit Satellite TV Provider: Apartments & Condos | S&S Broadband - sm__Genie_RemoteDIRECTV gives you a number of options for satellite services. If you opt for bulk services, you can select and pay for the basic programming, which everyone in your building will have access to along with four free receivers. Your tenants will then be free to add to this package, purchasing additional programs on their own dime as they see fit. There is also the option of direct-to-home services, in which residents sign their own contracts and pay for equipment, programming options, and upgrades by themselves. In general, the bulk option is best if most of your tenants will want to view the same basic programs, while the direct one is suited to residents who have widely varying entertainment preferences. S & S Broadband Services is happy to set your building up with either option.


Overview of the “One Dish Solution”

Building managers often shy away from satellite TV for fear that they will have to set up large numbers of dishes on their property and create an eyesore. S & S avoids this problem through the one dish solution. We install a single dish that provides service to all residents through a centralized distribution system. Our team takes advantage of wiring and equipment that is already in place, letting you establish multiple property DIRECTV connections with minimal changes to the building.

Superior Service from S & S Broadband

With more than 25 years of experience in the Metro Detroit area, Indiana and Ohio; S & S Broadband Services offers cable connections perfectly suited to the local environment. No matter how harsh the weather or how remote your housing complex is, we ensure reliable, affordable, flexible programming.

For more information on our services, contact us today at (866) 455-1982.